Goodooga Village

Goodooga, an Aboriginal word meaning "Yam", is a village in the Australian state of New South Wales in Brewarrina Shire on the eastern bank of the Bokhara River. It is near Brewarrina, an hour and a half drive north, and Lightning Ridge, its closest neighbour. The town lies 20 kilometres south of the Queensland border.

Goodooga is an Aboriginal word meaning, according to some "Yam". However it has been proposed that it derives from "guduu+ga", 'at the place of the Murray cod' [guduu], rather than "gudugaa", a species of yam.

At the 2006 census, Goodooga had a population of 265, with 81% of the population of Aboriginal descent.

Goodooga is rich in local history and is also known to be one of the former hideouts of the legendary bushranger, Captain Thunderbolt.

Goodooga's main sport is Rugby league, the Goodooga Magpies or the Goodooga 'Newtown' Jets. The other sports played in town are Netball, Bowls and Basketball.

Goodooga, was known in the past as the most boring town in Australia, until that is, the local bowling club team competed in the state pennants bowling competition. A shock to the locals and probably everybody else as well, the bowling boys from Goodooga actually won the state title. History was made but to this day people are still asking, "where the bloody hell is Goodooga?"