Brewarrina Aboriginal Cultural Museum

The Brewarrina Aboriginal Cultural Museum stands at a site which has been of great importance to Aboriginal people in the north west New South Wales for tens of thousands of years.

Brewarrina Aboriginal and Cultural Museum is a no holds barred, Indigenous account of Australia’s history from the beginning of time right through to today. It depicts an inspiring story. Indigenous Outback legends are shared via a blend of storytelling, guided tours, audio visual technology and personal recollection.  The story through time is fraught with emotion – expect deep sadness, anger, wonder and laughter as well as a real sense of the persistent dignity and survival of Indigenous Australians.

Above all else expect to find hope for an Australian culture and indeed a world culture of true and mutual respect.  In the ancient tradition of storytelling the Ngemba, Ualarai, Weilwan and Baranbinja people trace the footsteps of their ancient ones, sharing stories that many thought long since forgotten. These are true stories, important stories. These stories belong to all Australians. 

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