Brewarrina Waste Management Strategy

Brewarrina Shire Council maintains various areas of Waste Management including landfill sites, garbage collection, street sweeping program and compliance. For Council to maintain Waste Management into the future, it needs to identify the shortfalls in its current practices, improve those practices and finally introduce a realistic program.

Over the past years Environmental Health & Building have managed Waste Management. During these years there has been a shortfall of dedicated staff to properly manage this area of Council due to the failure to retain staff thus this area has fallen short of our legislative requirements and good practice. By the introduction of this guideline, clear direction can be given to current and future staff on where Brewarrina Shire Council needs to go in relation to Waste Management.

The main issue that this document has identified is landfill sites and the continuing problems associated with un-manned landfill sites. The second major issue is illegal dumping that is occurring around Brewarrina and Goodooga. Not only does this detract from the tidiness of the towns, it creates health issue and hazards to people who regularly walk.

A program of works as identified at the end of this document gives guidance on how Council will begin addressing these and other issues relating to Waste Management.