Pesticide Use

This Pesticide Use Notification Plan has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Pesticides Regulation 2009 Pesticide use notification plan 2007-4 (the Regulation).

The aim of this plan is to meet the community's general right to know about pesticide applications made to outdoor public places that are owned or controlled by public authorities. The plan allows members of the community to take action to avoid contact with pesticides, if they wish.

Brewarrina Shire Council (BSC) ensures that pesticides are applied to public places in a safe, responsible manner, minimizing harm to the community or the environment.

The plan sets out how BSC will notify members of the community of pesticide applications made by BSC to public places.

The plan describes:                                            
  • what public places are covered by the plan
  • who regularly uses these public places and an estimate of the level of use
  • how and when BSC will provide the community with information about its pesticide applications in public places (i.e. what notification arrangements will be used)
  • how the community can access this plan and get more information about BSC's notification arrangements
  • how future reviews of the plan will be conducted
  • contact details for anyone wishing to discuss this plan with BSC.

This plan forms a component of BSC's integrated pest management policy. This policy states that BSC only uses pesticides in public places when necessary to eliminate noxious weeds, to protect public property from pest damage and to protect the users of public places from nuisance or danger.