Food Safety and Handling

Under the NSW Food Act 2003, all food handling businesses and food stall holders at temporary or periodic events in NSW are required to "notify" their details to the NSW Food Authority.

The only exceptions are those food businesses in certain industries which are directly licensed by the NSW Food Authority. Businesses that need to "notify" include, for example:

  • fixed and mobile food outlets
  • food retailing businesses
  • food stall holders at temporary, periodic and/or one-off events
  • food transporters
  • hospitals
  • school canteens
  • child-care and aged-care facilities which provide food
  • businesses involved in food storage
  • food wholesalers
  • food manufacturers in any form, and
  • importers, among others

All food businesses must "notify" their details (unless they are licenced) so this list is not exhaustive.

NSW Food Authority

The NSW Food Authority provides the regulatory industry to produce safe and correctly labelled food by:

  • Contributing to national food policies and standards
  • Establishing NSW regulations and food safety programs
  • Developing food laws in consultation with stakeholders
  • Auditing, inspecting and enforcing food regulations

The Authority also educates consumers on food safety by:

  • Cultivating good food handling practices
  • Sharing information on food safety
  • Providing information on correct labelling

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