Rates FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about your rates.  Answers to frequently asked questions about rates and property.

Why do I pay rates?

Rates funds are used to maintain, improve and provide services and facilities for the ratepayers, residents and visitors to the local area.

How does the Council set rates?

Each year, Council places on public exhibition a Draft Management Plan. This Plan discloses the Council's intended activities for the next three years and its Revenue policy for the next financial year. The Revenue policy will disclose details of all rates and charges proposed for the coming financial year. Council's Draft Management Plan will be on public exhibition during May & June each year.

Any member of the public may review and make comment on the provisions of the these policies.

What is Rate Pegging?

Rate pegging is the percentage limit by which each Council may increase the total income it will receive from rates. The rate pegging percentage is set each year by the Minister for Local Government. The Minister may also specify the amount by which Councils may vary domestic waste management charges each year.

It is Important to Note: Where the rate-pegging limit set by the Minister in any given year is eg 3.6%, this means that Council may only receive 3.6% more total income from rates than it received from the previous year. It does not mean that the rates levied on every individual property will increase by 3.6%

How are rates calculated?

Ordinary rates and special rates are assessed on land values using an ad valorem (with a minimum rate criteria).

I do not agree with the Land Value of my property - What can I do?

The land value is determined by the Valuer General and all enquiries should be directed to their office.

View the Department of Lands web site - Land Valuations in NSW to find out all you need to know about the valuation of land by the Valuer General in NSW.

How do I know when to pay my rates?

Every property is issued a rate notice for each financial year by late July each year. You can either elect to pay the full year's rates by the last working day in August or by quarterly instalments due by the last working day in August, November, February and May each year.

If you elect to make quarterly instalments, notices will be sent to you prior to the due date.

Additional Concession Eligibility Requirements
  • You must own the dwelling for which a concession is sought and it must be occupied as your sole or principal place of residence.
  • You will be required to produce your pensioner concession card as proof of entitlement prior to gaining a pension rebate.
  • Persons who become eligible pensioners or cease to be eligible pensioners during the year will be granted a concession proportionate to the number of full quarters in which they were eligible.
  • Where an eligible pensioner shares ownership with a non-eligible occupier, the amount of concession will also be determined on the proportionate equity in the property.
How Do I receive my rebate?

Take your pension concession card in person to the council. You will be assisted in the completion of the application form and your rates adjusted.

What happens if I can't pay my rates by the due date?

Section 566 of the Local Government Act provides for the imposition of interest charges on overdue rates and charges. Interest is calculated on a daily basis and is only charged against the amount overdue.

Council's Rates section should be contacted immediately to discuss a payment arrangement.

Can I pay my rates more frequently?

Ratepayers are encouraged to use any of their payment options to make frequent payments. Most ratepayers will find this plan easier on the budget.

What do I do if I move?

When your property is sold, your solicitor or conveyancer will lodge a notice of sale with the Department of Lands or if applicable, your mortgagee. Upon registration, the Department will notify Council of the change of ownership. Until this notice is received Council can not change the ownership of your property.

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