Positions Vacant

All positions are advertised in the Brewarrina News and may also be advertised in regional papers, metropolitan papers, and on the Local Government Website.

For any further information about positions vacant with the Brewarrina Shire Council please contact our Human Resources Department on (02) 6830 5119 or via email hr@brewarrina.nsw.gov.au.

Applications can be lodged in person, via mail (PO Box 125, Brewarrina NSW 2839) or via email (hr@brewarrina.nsw.gov.au).

Intending applicants MUST address essential position selection criteria in writing for their application to be valid.

The Council currently has the following position/s vacant:

Application Guidelines

Your application should be in three parts: 

  1. Covering letter
  2. Resume
  3. Responses to selection criteria

Make each part of your application as visually attractive as possible, no tiny fonts, lots of white space. 

Covering Letter 

This should grab the reader's attention and make them want to read the rest of your application. Some of the things you could put in this letter are: 

  • Reasons why you are especially suitable for the position
  • Summary of your specific qualifications relevant to the position
  • Anything that makes you different from others who may be applying

The covering letter should never be more than two pages long and preferably on a single page. 


Your resume should include: 

  •  Name
  • Address
  • Contact Details
  • Chronological (starting from most recent) history of employment including a brief outline of your duties in each position and a statement of any special achievements whilst in the position)
  • Qualifications  (a list is adequate - you can produce proof when requested)
  • Additional relevant skills (perhaps these were obtained through some volunteer work or hobby which does not show up in your employment summary)
  • Contact details for referees or an offer to supply them

Your should make sure if you have an existing resume you are going to use, that it covers all the requirements of the position which are listed in the position description.  Your resume should NOT include reference to gender, age, marital status, ethnicity, religion or political persuasion, unless it is requested specifically as a requirement for the position with the relevant reference for exemption under Equal Opportunity legislation. Your resume might also include:

  • a skills summary
  • a statement about your career goals

If either of these is included, make sure they are relevant to the position for which you are making application. 

Responses to Selection Criteria 

You could write a whole book on how to do this, in fact several have been written and you may decide to invest in one for future applications. Generally, it is a good idea to use each selection criteria as a heading followed by a dot-pointed list highlighting how you meet that specific criterion. Making a claim that you know something or have done something is inadequate.   Take note of the keyword in the criteria - demonstrated is one which is frequently used and to address this you need to demonstrate how you meet the criteria. Show or show understanding suggests you should give examples of how you know what this criteria means. 


Your whole application is an opportunity to sell yourself and convince the employer that you are the right person for the job. Presentation counts!Content counts!Honesty counts! Remember if you are not successful this time, perhaps it was not the right position for you, no matter how much you wanted the job.  You can move on by examining your application for the improvements you can make for the next time. 

Lodging Application

Applications can be lodged

Be positive and GOOD LUCK!

Contact Details

Phone: 02 6830 5100
Fax: 02 6839 2100
Email: breshire@brewarrina.nsw.gov.au or hr@brewarrina.nsw.gov.au