Emergency Risk Management

The Emergency Risk Management (ERM) Project has been undertaken for the Brewarrina Shire Local Emergency Management area as defined under the State Emergency & Rescue Management Act, 1989 - as amended.
The Project has been undertaken within the scope determined by the State Emergency Management Committee and the limitations of established policies, practices, guidelines, relationships and resources of the:

  • Brewarrina Shire Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC)
  • Far West District Emergency Management Committee (DEMC)
  • Brewarrina Shire Council

In line with State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) issued "Implementation Guide" the Project requires the identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment of all sources of risk (Hazards) and their specific interaction with the community (Risks).
This ERM Project addresses the hazards and the associated identified community risks which have "a potential to require a significant and coordinated multi-agency response"

Contact Details

Brewarrina Shire Council
Phone: 02 6830 5106
Fax: 02 6839 2100


EMPLAN endorsed 2017

Emergency Risk Management Report (PDF 3.74MB)