Council Policies

Brewarrina Shire Council is governed by the Local Government Act 1993. The Act stipulates that the Council enact legislation (Statutes and Regulations) relating to the organisation and management of the Council. Areas not covered by legislation are governed by policy.

Brewarrina Shire Council's policy documents are available by clicking the links below:

Access or Spur Roads Policy

Accommodation - Council Owned Property Policy

Ambassador Program Policy

Asbestos Policy

Asset Management Policy 

Cemetery policy

Child Protection Policy

Code Of Conduct Policy

Code of Meeting Practice Policy

Community Engagement Strategy

Community Services Policy

Companion Animals Strategy Plan

Complaints policy

Confined Spaces Policy

Corporate Credit Cards Policy

Councillor Contact Details Policy

Councillor Payment & Reimbursement Policy 

Councillor Professional Development Policy

Debt Management Policy

Debt Recovery and Provision of Credit Policy

Delegations of Authority for Mayor, Deputy Mayor and General Manager

Disability Access Policy

Disposal of Assets Policy

Donations Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Economic Development Policy

Educational Assistance Policy

Emails and Internet Policy

Employee Development Policy

Enforcement Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Event Management Policy

Financial Hardship Policy

Flag Raising Policy

Fraud Control Policy

Gifts and Benefits Policy

GPS and Work Alone  Beacons and Surveillance Devices Policy

Graffiti Policy

Grids Policy

Grievance Policy

Harassment Policy

Hire of Community Centre & Associated Equipment Policy

Hire of the Tourism Centre Policy

Injury Management and Recover at Work Policy

Internal Reporting Policy

Investment Policy

Kerb & Guttering Policy

Leave Policy

Liquid Trade Waste Policy

Motor Vehicle (Leaseback) Policy

Media Policy

Nature Strip Maintenance Policy

New, Amending & Rescinding Policies Policy

Noise Policy

Privacy Management Plan

Procurement Policy

Public Access to Government Information Policy

Records Management Policy

Recruitment, Selection Appointment and On boarding Policy

Related Party Disclosures Policy

Respect at Work Policy

Return to Work Policy

Risk Management Policy

Safe Collection and Disposal of Improperly Discarded Sharps Policy

Salary System Administration Policy

Secondary Employment Policy

Section 355 Committee Policy

Service and Communications Policy

Smoke Free Workplace Policy

Staff Development & Training Policy

Staff Recognition Policy

Statement of Business Ethics Policy

Statement of Revenue Policy

Street Stall & Vendors Policy

Travel Policy

Uniform Policy

Volunteering policy

Work, Health & Safety Policy

Work, Health & Safety Consultation

Working in Isolation Policy

Youth Policy