Community Strategic Plan

All Councils across NSW are required by the Local Government Act to develop a Community Strategic Plan, forming part of an Integrated Planning and Reporting framework.

The Community Strategic Plan sits at the top of Council's planning hierarchy and identifies the community's main priorities and expectations for the future and ways to achieve these goals.

The plan must:

  • Have a long term focus with a minimum of 10 years
  • Address key issues relating to social, environmental, economic and civic leadership
  • Be developed using an adopted community engagement strategy that enables Council to communicate and consult with the community
  • Outline the principles on which the plan is based
  • Provide for measuring, monitoring and reporting on progress in implementing the plan.

The Council must also develop a Resourcing Strategy, a Delivery Program and an Operational Plan to guide and support the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan.

The Community Strategic Plan forms part of the wider Integrated Planning and Reporting framework. 

In implementing the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework the Council has developed a structure for the Community Strategic Plan which combines the four pillars of Community, Environment, Economy and Leadership. The Community Strategic Plan includes:

  • A vision for our Shire in 2020, reflecting a clear set of aspirations formed through community feedback
  • Objectives, focusing on community outcomes that will shape service programs and asset provision
  • Strategies that are deliverable, realistic and clear
  • Identification of both ongoing programs and new directions
  • Commitment to measuring outcomes and progress.

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