Annual Report

The Annual Report is a statutory reporting mechanism that documents the performance and achievements of the Brewarrina Shire Council from 1 July to 30 June each year. The Annual Report serves as a point of reference for the Council, its staff, residents, community organisations, government departments and other stakeholders measuring the outcomes achieved against the projections in the Annual Budget and Management Plan.

In addition, the annual Report also enables Brewarrina Shire Council to document and track its performance against the overall desired outcomes and objectives as listed in the Management Plan.
Brewarrina Shire Council is committed to engaging with its community and providing services that are responsive to the community's and visitor's needs. The Annual report provides the community and stakeholders with an opportunity to assess the Council's performance and achievements.

The annual report has been designed to report on the operational activities and performance of Brewarrina Shire Council under five strategic objectives of Governance, Building and Development, Engineering Operations, Community Services and Economic Development.
Council's future annual report will be measured against the Community Strategic Plan as outlined in the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework.