Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct is made for the purposes of section 440 of the Local Government Act 1993 ("the Act").

Councillors, administrators, members of staff of council, independent conduct reviewers, members of council committees including the conduct review committee and delegates of the council must comply with the applicable provisions of council's code of conduct in carrying out their functions as council officials. It is the personal responsibility of council officials to comply with the standards in the code and regularly review their personal circumstances with this in mind. Council contractors and volunteers will also be required to observe the relevant provisions of council's code of conduct.           

Failure by a councillor to comply with the standards of conduct prescribed under this code constitutes misconduct for the purposes of the Act. The Act provides for a range of penalties that may be imposed on councillors for misconduct, including suspension or disqualification from civic office.

Failure by a member of staff to comply with council's code of conduct may give rise to disciplinary action.

A better conduct guide has also been developed to assist councils to review and enhance their codes of conduct. This guide supports this code and provides further information on the provisions in this code.

Council has adopted procedures for the administration the codes of conduct.