Animal Registration and Microchipping

Information regarding registration and microchipping of your animal.

Responsible Dog Ownership

Your responsibilities as a dog owner.

The Brewarrina Shire Council recognises that pet ownership is an important part of our social structure. There are a number of things you must do as a dog owner under the Companion Animal Act 1998, for the benefit of the wider community.

Microchip your dog - All dogs must be microchipped. Microchipping is performed by the Council ranger or local vet. The microchip contains a unique identification number that allows Council to identify the pet's owner through a central registry.

Council's fee for microchipping your dog is available in the Fees & Charges Schedule.

Note: Microchipping is for identification purposes only. It does not mean that your dog is registered.

Get your dog registered - All dogs must be registered for life. Registration only needs to be done once and ensures that your pet can be returned to you if it is found wandering.

Dogs can be registered at the Brewarrina Shire Office, located at 57 Bathurst St. You will need to provide a certificate of microchipping or a letter from your vet, and if applicable proof of desexing from your vet, to register your dog. 

The registration fees are:

  • $40 - for a desexed animal
  • $150 - for an animal that is not desexed
  • $15 - desexed animal owned by an eligible pensioner
  • $40 - an animal that is not desexed and is kept by a registered breeder
  • $0 - working dogs (must meet criteria)

If you change you address or contact details please notify Council on 02 6830 5100 to ensure your pet can be returned home.

Make your dog wear a collar and tag - We stronly suggest that your dog should wear a collar around its neck with an ident.

Keep your dog on a leash or secured in your yard - Your dog must be kept on a leash or secured in your yard at all times.  An unrestrained and unsupervised dog can be a danger to other people and animals.  The fine for dogs that attack, bite, harass, chase or rush at a person or animal is $550.

Dogs are prohibited:

within 10 metres of food preparation or eating areas
in School or Childcare Grounds
within 10 metres of Childrens Playground Equipment

Pick up after your dog - When in public places you must pick up and appropriately dispose of your dogs' droppings.  The penalty for not picking up dog faeces is $270.

Contact Details

Brewarrina Shire Council
Phone: 02 6830 5100
Fax: 02 6839 2100