Indigenous History

Brewarrina is situated where the Barwon River flows through what is thought to be the oldest man-made structure on earth.  The Brewarrina fish traps are estimated to be 40,000 years old and are a great example of human ingenuity. Brewarrina was one of the great inter-tribal meeting places of Eastern Australia for Aboriginal people and the shire is home to the Ngemba, Muwarrari and Yualwarri peoples.  The fisheries, or Ngunnhu, sustained thousands of Aboriginal people during the tribal gatherings held prior to European settlement.   No one knows exactly what the word "Brewarrina" means. There are five competing interpretations of the name, several of them mutually exclusive. The most common translation is "clumps of acacias"; others are "where the gooseberry grows", "fishing", "acacia clumps" and, perhaps the most plausible, "place of gooseberries", coming from "warrina", meaning "place of", and "bre" or "burie" or "biree" meaning "gooseberries".

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