Hospital Creek Massacre

Many stories surround the legend that has become known as the Hospital Creek Massacre. The local Aboriginal Land Council of Brewarrina has erected a monument at this historic site, which can be viewed from the road. Situated 15 kms from Brewarrina along the Goodooga Road, the monument stands at Hospital Creek on the left hand side of the road. Kerrigan recorded, "Apparently a white stockman was lost and feared he had been killed by blacks, a strong search party from wide area was made up. The part came across the tribe moving up the Bohara and along a dry watercourse to Narran Lake. The search of a dilly bag found a hand, the carrying of which was a common practice; whether it was the stockman's is unknown, or if he was found later is uncertain, so they rounded them up like cattle, old and young, on the Quantambone plain, and shot them, there was about 400, and that was how Hospital Creek got its name." Taken from: "Aboriginal Fisheries of the Darling-Barwon River" by Peter Dargin However, some Aboriginal elders say that the massacre was caused by two young Aboriginal men who killed a young steer on a property near the Darling River. When the station stockmen found the carcass, they tracked the killers back to Hospital Creek, where they massacred every Aboriginal they saw. It is unknown exactly how many were killed, however, some stories suggest that there were at least 400 Aboriginal people slaughtered.

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