Request for Design services - Dumble Creek Bridge and Muckerawa Bridge Design


Quotation 2019BSC-03 – Request for Design Services

Dumble Creek Bridge Design

Muckerawa Bridge Design

Brewarrina Shire Council would like to invite experienced and qualified consultants to submit quotations for design services of the Dumble Creek Bridge and the Muckerawa Bridge; the project sites are located in the vicinity of Goodooga Township – NSW.   

The work will include undertaking geotechnical investigations and providing a detailed design for upgrading/ replacing the Dumble and the Muckerawa Bridges.     

Quotations are to be submitted by Thursday 2:00 PM 7th March 2019.


Quotations should be clearly marked “Confidential – 2019BSC-03– Dumble Creek Bridge Design – Muckerawa Bridge Design”, and addressed to: 

            Mr Jeff Sowiak

General Manager

Quotations may be submitted in person to Council office in Brewarrina, via post, email, or tenderlink per the following details

Mail                 Brewarrina Shire Council

P.O Box 125 – BREWARRINA, NSW 2839



If you have any other queries in relation to this matter please contact Council Transport Manager on 02 6830 5100 or by email

Council reserves the right to select the most advantageous quotation that will satisfy the work requirements. 

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Sowiak

General Manager

Quotation Document

Attachment A- Dumble Bridge Photos

Attachment B- Dumble Bridge Construction Drawings

Attachment C -Muckerawa Bridge Photos