Road & Street Programs

Being a large remote area, Brewarrina Shire has a long network of public roads. Roads fall into one of three categories, these being:

State Roads

These are the principal roads which traverse the state of New South Wales. All state roads are fully sealed.

Regional Roads

These are the second tier of roads and basically, as the name suggests, extend from one region to another.

Local Roads

These make up the bulk of the public road network length and comprise all roads which are not either state or regional roads. Most local roads, with the exception of town streets, are unsealed and may be unable to be used during and after wet weather.

Council's road crews are programmed to undertake works for the week beginning 24 September 2012 on the following projects:

  • Kamilaroi Highway - Flood Damage Repairs (stabilization)
  • Kamilaroi Highway - Vegetation Control
  • Goodooga Langboyd Road - Periodic Grading
  • Monkey Bridge Road - Periodic Grading
  • Wilby Wilby Road - Flood Damage Repairs

Please note that this schedule is an indication of our proposed program and is subject to change at short notice.