Aboriginal Water & Sewer Labourer - Trainee

(Aboriginal Identified):

Working within the Water and Sewerage team, you will develop a sound background in water supply and sewerage system operations specific to the water and waste water industry.

The primary function of this role will be to undertake maintenance, construction, project development and management to the discrete Aboriginal Communities of Brewarrina, Weilmoringle and Goodooga. This Position is offered in conjunction with NSW Department of Primary Industry and NSW Land Council discrete Aboriginal Communities water and sewerage program. This is a 2 year Traineeship in Water Operations Certificate III. Applicants must be of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander descent to be eligible to apply. Applicants must possess at a minimum a provisional Drivers Licence.

To be successful in this Trainee position you must:

  • Possess strong communication and computer skills
  • Enjoy working and contributing to a team environment
  • Have an interest in Technical Services
  • Labouring type duties in other areas of council as required will also be a condition of position

Abovementioned Traineeships salary and conditions will be in accordance with the Local Government (State) Award 2017 from Band 1, Level 1, Trainee 4, $669.40 to Band 1, Level 1, Trainee 10, $995.50 in Council’s Salary System with grading dependent upon level of experience and qualifications. These positions will lead to permanent work placement upon satisfactory Trainee completion.

Information packages are available by contacting Council’s Human Resources Department during working hours on (02) 6830 5119 or by email hr@brewarrina.nsw.gov.au.  All positions vacant details are obtainable from Council’s website at www.breshire.com.

Intending applicants MUST address both common selection criteria & specific position selection criteria in writing for their application to be valid. Written applications will be received by the undersigned for the abovementioned positions of until 4:00pm on Friday 29th September 2017.


Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Jeff Sowiak                                                                  PO Box 125

General Manager                                                          BREWARRINA  NSW  2839

Position Description