30 June 2011 Ordinary Council Meeting

The June Council meeting will be held Brewarrina Council Chambers, 57 Bathurst St, Brewarrina commencing at 9am.

Reports will be downloaded as received.


June Agenda (PDF 66KB)

June Status Report (PDF 45KB)

Item1 General Manager Report (PDF 22KB)

Item 2 Returns Disclosing Interest of Councillors & Designated Persons (PDF 23KB)

Item 4 Management Plan & Making of Rates and Charges (PDF 32KB)

Item 5 Draft Code of Meeting Practice (PDF 237KB)

Item 6 Code of Conduct Reporting to Council (PDF 29KB)

Item 8 Promoting Better Practice (PDF 28KB)

Item 9 GIPA Publication Guide (PDF 409KB)

Item 10 Goodooga Racecourse (PDF 13KB)

Item 11 Lachlan Regional Transport Committee (PDF 23KB)

Item 12 Proposed Naming of Main Road 70 from Coolabah to Brewarrina (PDF 20KB)

Item 13 Councillor Professional Training (PDF 2.16MB)

Item 16 EDO Report (PDF 30KB)

Item 17 Health Communities Project (PDF 32KB)

Item 18 Risk Officer Report (PDF 25KB)

Item 19 Road Report (PDF 153KB)

Item 20 Services Report (PDF 48KB)

Item 21 Plant Performance Report (PDF 119KB)

Item 22 Brewarrina Levee Openings (PDF 39KB)

Item 23 Goodooga Oval MPREC Proposal (PDF 363KB)

Item 24 Monthly Financial Reports (PDF 74KB)

Item 25 Auction Sale Final Report (PDF 59KB)

Item 26 Community Services Information Report (PDF 25KB)

Item 27 DEEWR - Community Support Program (PDF 20KB)

Item 28 NSW Human Services - Community Services Grant (PDF 8.82MB)

Item 29 Brewarrina Childcare Opening Hours (PDF 990KB)

Item 30 Warringah Visit - DCCS (PDF 57KB)

Item 31 EHB Activity Report (PDF 30KB)

Item 32 Alcohol Free Zone - Brewarrina & Goodooga (PDF 37KB)

Item 33 Ranger Visit to Brewarrina (PDF 32KB)

Late Report - Item 35 Screening and Immunisation (PDF 21KB)

Late Report- Item 36 LMWUA Deed of Agreement (PDF 2.26MB)

Late Report Item 37 Funding Agreement National Rural and Remote Fund (PDF 16KB)

Correspondence for Action (PDF 1.68MB)

Correspondence for Information (PDF 31KB)