27 July 2011 Ordinary Council Meeting

The July Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 27 July in the Council Chambers, 57 Bathurst St, Brewarrina, commencing at 1:30pm.


Agenda (PDF 62KB)

Status Report (PDF 50KB)

Mayoral Minute- National General Assembly (PDF 19KB)

Item 1- Visit to Council by Mr Matt Parmeter from the Office of Water (PDF 18KB)

Item 2 - Acting General Manager's Information Report (PDF 19KB)

Item 3 - Request for a Donation from Council to Assist the Brewarrina Anglican Church (PDF 20KB)

Item 4 - Council Elections for 2012 (PDF 20KB)

Item 5 - Economic Development Officer Report (PDF 21KB)

Item 6 - Darling Agricultural Field Day (PDF 40KB)

Item 7 - Country and Regional Living Expo (PDF 57KB)

Item 8 - Goodooga Racecourse Reserve 72695 (PDF 213KB)

Item 9 - Brewarrina Race, Show & Recreational Grounds (PDF 174KB)

Item 10- Brewarrina Rural and Remote Dental Service (PDF 96KB)

Item 11 - Local Government Reform - Intergrated Planning and Reporting (PDF 43KB)

Item 12 - Road Report (PDF 161KB)

Item 13 - Services Report (PDF 98KB)

Item 14 - Plant Performance Report (PDF 19KB)

Item 15 - Aboriginal Communities Water and Sewerage Program (PDF 15KB)

Item 16 - Case Loader (PDF 23KB)

Item 17 - Monthly Financial Reports (PDF 60KB)

Item 18 - Interest rate on Overdue Rates and Charges (PDF 65KB)

Item 19 - Stocktake (PDF 30KB)

Item 20 - Community Services Information Report (PDF 36KB)

Item 21 - Tourism Report (PDF 106KB)

Item 22 - Environmental Health & Building Activities Report (PDF 21KB)