26 August 2011 Ordinary Council meeting

The Council meeting will be held on Friday 26 August 2011 at Brewarrina Shire Council Chambers, 57 Bathurst St, Brewarrina commencing at 10:00am


Notice August 2011 (PDF 272KB)

Status Report (PDF 43KB)

Council Request Status Report (PDF 65KB)

Traffic Committee Minutes (PDF 23KB)

Item 1 Acting General Manager's Information Report (PDF 20KB)

Item 2 4th Quarter Management Plan Review 2010-2011 (PDF 241KB)

Item 3 Murray Darling Association Conference 7-9 Sept 2011 (PDF 586KB)

Item 4 Request for Access to Council's Water Supply (PDF 22KB)

Item 5 Aerodrome Audit (PDF 243KB)

Item 6 Record Management Policy (PDF 244KB)

Item 7 Destination 2036 (PDF 24KB)

Item 8 Election 2012 (PDF 28KB)

Item 9 Meeting with LMWUA (PDF 2.39MB)

Item 10 EDO Information Report (PDF 159KB)

Item 11 Barwon Medical Centre Update (PDF 903KB)

Item 12 Country & Regional Living Expo (PDF 68KB)

Item 13 Caravan Park (PDF 484KB)

Item 14 Rural and Remote Dental Project (PDF 2.10MB)

Item 15 Road Report (PDF 133KB)

Item 16 Service Report (PDF 100KB)

Item 17 Plant Performance Report (PDF 73KB)

Item 18 Cat 962G Wheel Loader Repair (PDF 22KB)

Item 19 Monthly Financial Reports (PDF 52KB)

Item 20 Rates Abandonment (PDF 38KB)

Item 21 4th Quarterly Budget 2010-2011 Review (PDF 3.36MB)

Item 22 Community Services Information Report (PDF 28KB)

Item 23 Tourism Report (PDF 137KB)

Item 24 Environmental Health & Building Activities Report (PDF 22KB)

Item 25 Brewarrina Wading Pool Reserve Trust (PDF 21KB)

Item 26 Outcomes for the Western Division Shires Conference (PDF 990KB)

Correspondence for Information (PDF 34KB)