25 March 2011 Ordinary Council Meeting

Due to a lack of quorum for the 25 March 2011 meeting, the meeting was abandoned and all reports that were to be put to the March Meeting will be dealt with at the 15 April 2011 Council meeting, commencing at 9am at the Brewarrina Council Chambers, 57 Bathurst Street, Brewarrina.


Agenda (PDF 65KB)

Resolution Status Report (PDF 42KB)

Item 1- General Managers Information Report (PDF 22KB)

Item 3 - Meeting Schedule (PDF 20KB)

Item 4- Economic Development Officer Report (PDF 32KB)

Item 5- Returned Service (PDF 239KB)

Item 6- Caravan Park (PDF 377KB)

Item 7 - Australian Centre for Excellence for Local Government (PDF 311KB)

Item 8- Economic Development and Tourism Plan (PDF 21KB)

Item9- Road Report (PDF 123KB)

Item 10 - Service Report (PDF 64KB)

Item 11- Plant Performance Report (PDF 33KB)

Item 12- Strengthening Basin Program (PDF 24KB)

Item 13- Strengthening Basin Plan- Community Consultation (PDF 1.79MB)

Item 14- Infrastructure NSW (PDF 21KB)

Item 15- Monthly Financial Reports (PDF 66KB)

Item 16- Bank Accounts (PDF 31KB)

Item 17- Result of Tender Process, Property Known as Old Butchers Shop, Bathurst St (PDF 22KB)

Item 18- Stocktake (PDF 30KB)

Item 19- Investment Policy (PDF 170KB)

Item 20- Community Services Information Report (PDF 298KB)

Item 22 - Environment Health & Building Activities Report (PDF 22KB)

Item 23- Local Envionmental Plan Acceleration Fund (PDF 30KB)