15 April 2011 Ordinary Council Meeting

The April Council meeting will be held in the Brewarrina Shire Council Chambers, 57 Bathurst St, Brewarrina commencing at 9am.


April Agenda (PDF 328KB)

Status Report (PDF 190KB)

Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes (PDF 194KB)

Item1 General Manager Information Report- March (PDF 188KB)

Item 2 General Manager Information Report- April (PDF 201KB)

Item 3 Council Meeting Schedule (PDF 160KB)

Item 4 Council Delegations (PDF 202KB)

Item 7 Economic Development Report- March (PDF 168KB)

Item 9 Returned Service (PDF 372KB)

Item 10 Caravan Park (PDF 579KB)

Item 11 Australian Centre for Excellance for Local Government (PDF 449KB)

Item 12 Economic Development and Tourism Plan (PDF 183KB)

Item 13 Road Report (PDF 314KB)

Item 14 Service Report (PDF 257KB)

Item 15 Plant Performance Report (PDF 201KB)

Item 16 Infrastructure NSW (PDF 181KB)

Item 17 Strengthening Basin Program (PDF 189KB)

Item 18 Strengthening Basin Program- Community Consultation (PDF 1.89MB)

Item 19 Monthly Financial Reports - February (PDF 192KB)

Item 20 Monthly Financial Reports- March (PDF 194KB)

Item 21 Operations of Council's Bank Accounts (PDF 203KB)

Item 22 Result of Tender Process Property know as Old Butchery Shop, Bathurst St (PDF 181KB)

Item 23 Mid Year Stocktake (PDF 203KB)

Item 24 Investment Policy (PDF 300KB)

Item 25 Finance - Loan Renewal 9330 (PDF 189KB)

Item 26 Community Services Information Report- March (PDF 434KB)

Item 27 Community Service Information Report - April (PDF 199KB)

Item 28 Brewarrina Reference Group- Aboriginal Family and Child Care Centre (PDF 212KB)

Item 29 Renaming West Brewarrina (PDF 205KB)

Item 30 Tourism Information Report (PDF 201KB)

Item 31 EHB Activities Report - March (PDF 188KB)

Item 32 EHB Activity Report - April (PDF 192KB)

Correspondence for Action (PDF 184KB)