An increase in the number of offences that can be expeditiously and cost effectively dealt with by the Council by the issuing of a penalty infringement notice has meant that the vast majority of enforcement action by the Council is by the use of such infringement notices rather than in Court.

In recognition of the increase in the regulatory role of all Councils, the NSW Ombudsman in June 2002 published "Enforcement Guidelines for Councils" including a Model Enforcement Policy for all councils.

This Enforcement Policy forms the basis of this Brewarrina Shire Council Policy, is based primarily on the Ombudsman's model policy with some modifications to reflect local situations.

The Enforcement Policy reflects the need for the decision making process of the Council authorised officers to be carried out in a transparent, efficient, fair and consistent manner having regard to all the circumstances.

The inclusion of Appendices A and B at the rear of the policy can be interpreted as a guide to indicate the relative level of seriousness of some offences and therefore, from a consistency viewpoint, to determine whether or not the Council may issue a warning prior to some level of formal action.