Health Care Complaints Commission

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission is an Independent body dealing with Complaints about health services or health care providers in NSW under the Health Care Complaints Act 1993. Heakth care providers can either be registered, like doctors, nurses, or un-registered , like acupuncturists, naturopaths, psychotherapists and others.

The commission also deals with compaints about hospitals, surgery centres and other health facilities.

If you are concerned about the health services that were provided to you it is a good idea to first discuss your concerns with the doctor or hospital to see weather they can work with you to reslove your concerns.

If they do not respond to your rcompaint, or you are not satisfied with their actions, contact the health Care Complaints Commission. If your health or safety is threatened or you have experienced sexual or physcial assault you should immediately contact the commission.

If you are thinking about making a complaint to the commssion contact the commission

Inquiry service toll free on -1800 043 159 or 9219 7444

Contact Details

Health Care Complaints Commission
Phone: 1800 043 159